Fusionetics Lite Performance Coaching

This is hands on Fusionetics professional led 30-minute session that helps you increase flexibility, loosen deep tissue for performance pre and post activity. This program is usually chosen by the active weekend warrior.

Fusionetics Pro Performance Coaching

This is hands on professional led 30minute session that will help restore movement of your muscles and your joints by having a professional utilize muscle relaxation, flexibility and joint mobilization techniques. This package helps you  to get out off pain, rebound from an injury as well as injury prevention and ultimately leaves you ready for whatever activity you engage in. 


Stretch Therapy

One-on-one therapy designed to increase joint range of motion muscle flexibility, and strength.



Performance Coaching

Specialized training designed to improve your speed, agility, strength,

and power based upon your movement efficiency score.

Junior Performance Coaching

Performance Training for children and teens ages 7-18.

Personal Training

One-on-one session designed to improve your overall fitness level.



Golf Lesson

One-hour instructional sessions using V1 video technology with 4-camera perspective. We will identify swing characteristics and prescribe a plan to maximize your overall golfing performance.

3D Golf Analysis

One-hour session using three-dimensional motion capture. The 3D technology measures a player’s biomechanical body movements of the golf club throughout the entire swing, thus giving our instructors vital information to make any necessary physical adjustments to maximize the performance.  

Comprehensive Evaluation

A collaborative professional team including a Golf Instructor, Performance Coach and Physical Therapist conduct 2-hour evaluation involving three vital perspectives. Using a physical screen and 3D technology we are able to identify players strengths and deficiencies while building a comprehensive plan to meet performance goals.