Hometown: Lodi, Ohio

Credentials: ACE personal training, Stretch to Win

Certifications: TPI fitness L1, L2, TPI youth fitness, Indoor cycling

Professional Memberships: NSCA

Services offered: Stretch Therapy, Functional training, Golf specific training

 Hi, I'm Teresa.  I have always been involved in sports and fitness.  I grew up playing golf and played many other sports, but my favorite was always golf. I decided that when I went back to work after raising three children,  I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. Whether it was training, stretching, or coaching on an indoor bike, I wanted to help people get better, stronger and more mobile.  I love working with anyone who desires becoming the best version of themselves.  I work with the University of Georgia Men’s Golf Team in a stretch therapy mode of practice and over the years, they now understand the importance of being more mobile and flexible while playing a sport that is highly competitive and demanding physically.  Stretch therapy and functional mobility and training is for everyone, from the weekend golfer/tennis player to the avid daily athlete.  I love to help all athletes to become stronger and better in whatever sport they like.

Teresa Meason